Total members 52
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
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Average WN8 26
Total income -
Provinces total -
TeamSpeak address:

Diplomacy: OgiLive4ever
Conditions for joining the clan:
- Statistical elements (WN8) 5500+; combined recent + overall !!!
Recent must exceeds overall, with a decent average dmg on meta tanks.
- First of all, we are looking for active and conscientious players with a developed sense of belonging to the team, ready to take responsibility at any moment.
If you consider that you meet the conditions, contact as on TS.

Uslovi za ulazak u klan:
- Statistički elementi (WN8) 5500+ ; kombinovano recent + overall !!!
Bitne stavke jesu da recent premašuje overall, uz pristojan prosečan dmg na meta tenkovima.
- Pre svega, tražimo aktivne i savesne igrače sa razvijenim osećajem za pripadnost timu, spremne na preuzimanje odgovornosti u svakom momentu.
Ako smatrate da ispunjavate uslove javite se na TS.

-Metal wars : 21th position
-Global Map Season 14 : 11th position
-Fire Trail : 33th position
-Global Map Season 13: 27th position
-Arms Race : 31th position
Clan stronghold
Tier 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 8.63


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X tier vehicles

430 376 160 49 108
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30.09.2020 TARIK_DaMvP
30.09.2020 _DANKE_CRO_
30.09.2020 Mali_Gliga
30.09.2020 _AlexJ_
30.09.2020 IgorK93
30.09.2020 mettal
30.09.2020 AnabolicBB
28.09.2020 BJ2_2007
26.09.2020 n1i2k3o4
25.09.2020 Dr_SNEK

Important moments

29.09.2020 Lost province
29.09.2020 Lost province
29.09.2020 Lost province
29.09.2020 Lost province Seville
16.07.2020 New province
16.07.2020 New province
16.07.2020 New province
16.07.2020 New province Seville
04.07.2020 Lost province
04.07.2020 Lost province

Global Map

Battles 3998 352 536 3110
Win rate 62.53% 59.38% 58.4% 63.6%
Elo 1167 1233 1445
No provinces
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