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Братство по оружию

Thống kê

Tổng thành viên 2
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
Total income
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Clans ranking
Average WN8 -
Total income -
Provinces total -
Требования: чтобы не случилось всегда оставайся человеком!
Связь в RaidCall: 8175737
Clan stronghold
Cấp độ 4
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 4


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X tier vehicles

4 2 3 2
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18.08.2019 StopTerrorism
18.08.2019 muttiman91
18.08.2019 _BDW_forever
18.08.2019 CMEEPTb
18.08.2019 Colif_lg
18.08.2019 ___KyPo_TpaB4iK___
18.08.2019 No_name_a
18.08.2019 Morlock_GER_RUS
18.08.2019 BaT9l_BepHu_Mou_TpyCbl
18.08.2019 I_RussianNoob_I

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Bản đồ Chiến sự

Tất cả VI VIII X
Số trận 37 20 1 16
Win rate 27.03% 30% - 25%
Elo 923 985 1000
Lãnh thổ
No provinces
Battle schedule
No battles planned

Thành phần

# Người chơi Efficiency WN8 Win Rate


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Tổng thành viên

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