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Win Rate
Next level: Below Average (+46.4%)
Next level: Below Average (+449)
Efficiency -
Average battle values
Damage -
Destroyed vehicles -
Spotted vehicles -
Base capture -
Base defense -
Experience -
Kills / deaths -
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Maximum damage
Maximum kills
Maximum experience

Mastery badges

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Important moments

Date Type Details
13.09.2016 New record 3637 dmg   Konštrukta T-34/100
13.09.2016 New record 8 kills   Panzerjäger I
13.09.2016 Mastery badge   Konštrukta T-34/100
13.09.2016 Mastery badge   Panzerjäger I
13.09.2016 New tank   Panzerjäger I
13.09.2016 New tank   Marder II
07.07.2016 New tank   BT-7


26.06.2016 [RG] Rush'n'Glory
Tank Tier M Battles WN8 Win Rate Average Damage Average Frags Average Spotted