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[C_V] Crni vitezovi


Jäseniä kaikkiaan 70
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Average WN8
Provinces total 0
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Average WN8 424
Total income -
Provinces total -
We are an international clan,mostly from the Balkan region,but we are NOW OPEN TO PLAYERS FROM ALL REGIONS. We are focused on strongholds,advances,cw,having fun and socialising.
Our focus is to have a strong team of players who have a good team spirit and nice manners.
We treat every clan member equally and respect all our opponents.
We are in search of good field commanders or those who are willing to give it a go.
min 3 tier 10, ( cw and sh) obj 140,BC,WZ 5A, 277,IS7, Type 5, Maus , obj268 4 and other useful tanks
wn8 min 1300
recent wn8 min 1800
We use discord!I Its required when u r online!!! Obavezan kad si online!!!
You need to be able to participate in Clan Wars and Stronghold battles minimum 3 days per week.
We do not tolerate insults of any kind and rude behavior!!!
For any other information feel free to contact any one from the command!
Best MM and may the rng be with u ...
Clan stronghold
Taso 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 10


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515 353 275 67 90
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15.02.2019 AHTOMIRADI
15.02.2019 arlen_sniper
14.02.2019 Dejan_Petko
13.02.2019 MAX1MUS_1
12.02.2019 arlen_sniper
11.02.2019 _P0sutkina_995
11.02.2019 MAX1MUS_1
11.02.2019 Tepach_Svinja_Kaljavih
11.02.2019 Sven123Cro
10.02.2019 dj_xeur

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01.11.2018 Lost province
31.10.2018 New province
06.10.2018 Lost province
05.10.2018 New province
05.10.2018 Lost province
01.10.2018 New province
01.10.2018 Lost province
30.09.2018 New province
25.09.2018 Lost province
26.08.2018 New province


Kaikki VI VIII X
Taisteluita 3143 422 1089 1632
Win rate 50.08% 46.68% 49.22% 51.53%
Elo 1198 1155 1001
No provinces
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