The Fun Playing Brotherhood of Luchs


Total members 95
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
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Clan for those who love to play Luchs. Only one entry criteria, to own and play a Luchs.

Team Speak is in use in this clan the address is : arnor.typefrag.com - with no password.

Player level not important and no Elitist bullshit. Generally low to mid level play with some high level stuff.

Players happy to teach others, if needed. Platooning regularly and alot of great Luch tank players.

Nice friendly bunch with good banter.

No Racism, politcs, sexism or any other 'ism' tolerated. Respect to all members. We're here to game and have fun. Good luck for the selections.
Clan stronghold
Tier 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 9.5


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238 242 170 53 77
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26.11.2022 Goranche79
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17.11.2022 workout_eth
16.11.2022 Mercury_248
08.11.2022 wowarp
03.11.2022 konkolas
03.11.2022 workout_eth

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