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Average WN8 58
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Is this you? You're really pretty good at World of Tanks, but you want something more to keep you interested in the game? You've maybe been in a few clans over the years. Maybe you've been sat in the same one for a while, and it's like a comfy pair of slippers. Maybe you've never joined a clan.

You want a Discord community where people across Europe actually chat about more than just pixel tanks. You want to toon with good players, who have a bit of character (the only requirement is speaking English). We know many clans are based on nationalities, and that's great.

ClanAdvisor - Five Stars - "Top notch banter" ClanReview - A+ "Every player reads the minimap!"

You want to do Strongholds or Advances without a screaming teenager with anger issues shouting at you as if they're some pocket Napoleon. You've probably got a life as well, and don't want to find you're a reservist for not playing one night.

Why not pop on the Discord. Have a chat. https://discord.gg/vtVRApArES
Clan stronghold
Tier 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 7.38


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628 607 288 86 133
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Important moments

14.04.2019 Lost province Norrköping
13.04.2019 Lost province
12.04.2019 New province
12.04.2019 Lost province
11.04.2019 New province Norrköping
10.04.2019 New province
12.12.2016 Lost province Częstochowa
12.12.2016 Lost province Vlorë
12.12.2016 Lost province
12.12.2016 Lost province Ioannina

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Battles 1371 286 871 214
Win rate 61.93% 61.89% 63.49% 55.61%
Elo 1339 1249 1227
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