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[FAME] Deal with it!
Statistics Average battle values
Battles 18 044 Damage 2 413
Win Rate 64.20 Destroyed vehicles 1.64
WN8 3 532 Spotted vehicles 1.86
Efficiency 2 023 Base capture 1.28
Maximum damage 11 876
Super Conqueror
Base defense 1.27
Maximum kills 10
E 50 Ausf. M
Experience 868
Maximum experience 2 936
Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger
Kills / deaths 2.76
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Win rate
Tank types

Important moments

Date Type Details
19.07.2018 Mastery badge   T-100 LT
19.07.2018 New tank   T-100 LT
06.07.2018 New tank   WZ-111 model 5A
29.06.2018 Mastery badge   T110E4
04.06.2018 New record 11876 dmg   Super Conqueror
26.12.2017 Mastery badge   Super Conqueror
29.11.2017 Mastery badge   Super Conqueror
28.11.2017 New tank   Super Conqueror
05.05.2017 Mastery badge   Leopard Prototyp A
05.05.2017 New tank   Leopard Prototyp A
Tank Tier M Battles WN8 Win Rate Average Damage