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[-TAF-] Turkish Armed Forces

Members count 17
Average Efficiency
Average WN8
Provinces total 0
Total income
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Clans ranking
Average WN8 -
Total income -
Provinces total -

Global Map

Overall VI VIII X
Battles 3138 525 1825 788
Win rate 68.83% 66.29% 70.58% 66.5%
Elo 1248 1369 1194
No provinces
Battle schedule
No battles planned

Clan stronghold

Level 10
Number of Zones 4
Buildings count 8
Average buildings level 8

X tier vehicles

87 94 55 16
Detailed list of vehicles

Important moments

16.03.2017 Lost province Munich
16.03.2017 Lost province Innsbruck
15.03.2017 Lost province Landshut
15.03.2017 New province Innsbruck
15.03.2017 New province Munich
14.03.2017 New province Landshut
14.03.2017 New province Landshut
13.03.2017 Lost province Regensburg
13.03.2017 New province Regensburg
13.03.2017 Lost province Nuremberg


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Average WN8

Members count

Total income

Provinces total

X tier vehicles